A precious gift to the World from India, 'Ayurveda' has achieved a state of reverence after years of study and research by sages and practitioners. Today, the world is turning back to Ayurveda and accepting it as a key to a healthy life.

The science of 'Ayur' - or 'life,' as we call it - Ayurveda is the teaching on how to set the vital powers running an organic life as orderly as they can possibly be. Or in other words, Ayurveda is about living a healthy life by eating the right food, practicing moral behavior and carrying out healthy activities than use of medicines, to maintain organic harmony.

The phenomenal spread of Ayurveda in last few years, among other reasons, is largely due to people realizing the harmful effects of medicines targeting symptomatic relief in place of curing the root cause of diseases. The acceptance of Ayurveda is also revived by continued research and experimentations on medicinal herbs and processing methods mentioned in ancient texts to get the best remedy for various ailments. This amalgamation of ancient wisdom with modern scientific methods made Ayurveda an obvious choice for people looking for a cure to their problems than mere symptomatic relief.

The future looks bright and healthy with Ayurveda rightfully becoming the guiding beacon for medical practitioners of the World.

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