Alcoban Plus


Alcoban Plus

Alcoban Plus is a rigorously tested ayurvedic remedy for substance dependency (नशा मुक्ति दवा) that makes people less dependent on substances such as alcohol, tobacco, drugs etc. It induces feelings of nausea, headaches and anxiety every time a person takes a drink or smokes. These feelings discourage them from drinking or smoking and curb their cravings in the future. In the initial testing phase, Alcoban+ showed great results in preventing relapses.
It is colorless, odorless and tasteless. It can be easily mixed with a person’s meals or drinks and given without their knowledge. You can even mix it in their morning chai or coffee. It will take a while for the effects of Alcoban+ to manifest but after around 12 days, the person would not crave alcohol/tobacco/drugs at all.

Alcoban+ will also significantly reduce the severity of the withdrawal symptoms experienced by the user. Make sure you complete the full 60 day course to get the complete benefits.

It has no side effects and does not cause any internal or external harm, if taken correctly as per the dosage prescribed.

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